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This was a project I loved being a part of, as it has involved some of the history of the city where I was born and raised, and some of the characters belonged to my husband's family. It consists of a series of letters which are a precious family treasure, passed down from generation to generation until the author compiled all this incredible material and wrote this masterpiece. In designing this book, I attempted to capture the era in which the story took place, to transport the reader on a journey back in time.

Live Project
Florencia Araoz
February 2019

About this book

Nearly one hundred letters from the family archive of José Ignacio Aráoz are compiled in this book; they cover the extensive period between 1805 and 1887. Letters that Francisca Aráoz wrote to her husband, Domingo Segundo Aráoz; love letters that are moving for their feminine and emotional depth. Others are testimonies of family and daily life; political and military events full of sacrifices, cruelty and heroism; economic, social and cultural processes which, contextualised, breathe new life into the history of the family and its members.

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