What I Do

I am a freelancer and work with a lot of passion and dedication. I approach each job as something personal, whether it's branding, illustrations, packaging design, web design or whatever I'm doing at the time. I focus on creating more engaging, memorable and powerful projects.

Branding & Identity

Your brand is at the core of your business. We can craft a brand which is unique, memorable and innovative.  
The values that sustain your brand are timeless: I work to reflect them in your own logo, typeface, style, colour palette, tone of voice and personality. Then your website and other collaterals that your business may need, creating a consistent and memorable look for your brand.


I offer designs that will connect your brand with your audience. This includes tailor made illustrations when the task requires a memorable approach. Pattern design is another area I am working in recently and absolutely loving it.

SEO & Marketing

I take a strategic approach to marketing, working with other designers, developers, copywriters and freelancers on these projects.
Our strategy is always backed by a roadmap for developing an approach and working closely with our clients though the whole creative journey.

Full Support

I'm always happy to continue supporting and helping develop your brand once the project is complete.
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Carefully Crafted designs

"I love being a designer and I enjoy the constant challenge of finding the right solution for my clients. "

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our Approach

Work Process


Exploring the problem

Start-up meeting. This step is key to introduce the project brief, determine how to approach it, define the objectives and establish a schedule. It is important to ask as many questions as we can from both sides to meet expectations. This is also important to establish if it is a job that I can approach alone or if I need to call-in my amazing colleagues.

Finding the solution

Time to get creative! In this second stage communication is a must, I will have more questions to ask as I start designing before the first draft is ready to be presented.


Drafting up initial thoughts and approaches, your feedback and review sort though-out this process.

Building the product

Final design direction established, I build and complete the project, including you in review rounds as I go.

Launch and support

Once I have your approval for the final design I prepare the final art files and the project is ready to launch.
I can help your business grow

I’d love to hear from you! I’m always ready to listen to your needs.

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