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Agis is a team of professionals that adds to the consultancy. A wide experience in business management, start-ups and public services projects in private and joint capital companies. This client needed a logo and to voice their brand.

Live Project
May 2019


To find the keys to the sustainability of the business they have been entrusted with, focusing on generating higher revenues.


They seek to be a leading consultancy firm in the evaluation of investments and new projects and in the regulation of public utilities. Their approach is a thorough understanding of the client's needs, a comprehensive intelligence of the business in question and its position in the market.

The values to be communicated in the Brand

1.     Simplify the complex

2.     Agility

3.     Practicality

4.     Ethics and confidentiality

5.     Quality and Professionalism

6.     Transparency

To reflect these values in the brand I focussed on an archer

Logo applications

Logo on glass door

Disclaimer: Some of this photos are only to show case the client how the brand will look on signs

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